Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vacation: San Diego

Enjoying the fountain at the San Diego Mission.

Last week, our family flew to San Diego for a family reunion. It was hosted by my grandfather and was a fabulous success. San Diego is definitely a favorite vacation place and we are trying to find a way to get back there soon.

Beautiful gardens at Balboa Park. This is also the cultural center of San Diego and they have museums galore there. We loved walking through the conservatory and seeing the numerous orchids. We laughed at their carefully tended rhododendron plant. Perhaps an anomaly in San Diego, but not here!

We toured the USS Midway. They let your ramble all over the place and there were lots of veterans to ask questions too. We love museums like this and spent over four hours there and we didn't even see it all!

Besides the above, highlights included spending lots of time with our extended family who we like a lot, eating dinner on the 11th floor of the La Jolla Hotel, and watching the shows at Sea World.

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