Saturday, May 17, 2008

MPU or Mobile Processing Unit - Stage 1

Last week we decided to take the plunge and begin putting together a mobile processing unit, or MPU. This is basically a fancy way of describing a trailer that holds the equipment to process (butcher) chickens. Scott and Tyler have spent the last couple of days working on it.

They started with a trailer skeleton. It just has the brakes wired in. In the background you'll notice the barn, Scott's welding tent and some piles of bark chips and logs.

Then the trailer gets sandblasted to remove the rust. Tyler spent a day sandblasting. He was roasting in the heat under all of the protective layers, but he stuck with it and never complained. You can't actually see the sandblasting out of the nozzle because he posed for me. The air compressor was extremely loud and I couldn't plug my ears and take a picture at the same time.
Here you can see the diffference between where he hasn't sandblasted (red) and where he has (gray).

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shutter_duck said...

Way to go, Ty!