Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting the mail

Setting out on the great adventure

The neighbor's horses watch in amusement as we wander by

Daniel and Jacob running off all of their extra energy

Panther watches on with great amusement as the younger boys race for the mailbox

"See I got the mail out without a key, cause I
could stick my hand through the slot and grab it"

Panther faithfully follows Daniel walking back down to the mailbox to see if he missed any mail.

Tyler exploring whether Daniel really could stick his hand in all the way.
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Tyler: "Hey, Sara, we got a hand in the mail!"

Sara obviously not paying much attention takes

pictures of a fuzzy Panther

"Do I look like I care?"

Linking his chops, Panther wonders if the mail is edible.

Still burning off more of that extra energy.

Let's go home and make ourselves a nice cup of tea, shall we?
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Tyler said...

Dude, I so think that picture of Panther looks like an Owl