Friday, April 10, 2009

Visiting with family friends

Today we had family friends from California over for dinner. We had quite a lovely time. I think they enjoyed holding the baby chicks and feeding the sheep. We heard how Peggy had first met my grandmother. Apparently they lived somewhat parallel lives, both having gone to the same girl scout camp and they both lived in the same areas of England and Belgium. Her daughter Lisa and three grandaughters also came over. Their ancestors originally came over to Oregon to be a part of the Aurora colony nearby so they were taking spring break to show the girls part of their past. 

The sad news is that we just recieved word that Mom's dad is not doing so well. He's in the hospital and they're not sure when he is coming out.  

Going to go take a night time stroll with Scott (and anyone else who wants too). Hopefully there's stars!
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