Saturday, October 16, 2010

A typical Saturday

The title of the post might be a little bit misleading as many ifs are involved in this Saturday. But IF we actually stay home, and IF the weather is beautiful, and IF everyone is feeling energetic... this is what a typical Saturday looks like.

Dad and Jacob digging up a water line to put in a new spigot.

Daniel and Andrew shoveling gravel in the driveway. We are putting in some drainage ditches.

Ah yes, the advantages of living on a farm... you can drive your big brothers truck without your license. Do you think they raced up the driveway? I hope not...

Scott rototilling a plot to plant grass where it used to be just weeds.

Tyler stuck inside working on Calculus...

And me... I worked on various uninteresting shoveling dirt sort of projects and I figured out the best way to cut tires for swings... (Top Secret! You use a hand held jig saw) Hopefully there will be some creative tire swings coming up....

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