Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking a walk to the "pond" in the snow

Andrew, Daniel and Jacob head into the sheep pasture.

The gate latch is frozen...

The mysterious man at the bottom of the hill is our Uncle Roger. He and his family are visiting for the week! And actually, he's not really our uncle. Sssshhh. Our families adopted each other a long time ago. They're up for Thanksgiving. Farming is his hobby, so we just offer him a smorgasbord of projects for him to choose from. And we are thankful for all his help.

Running down to see Uncle Roger.

Uncle Roger waits patiently for the exuberant young men to make it down there.

"What is this stuff?"
The man-sheeps look at me as I follow the boys.

And then it registers in their brains that I might, just might, have food with me.
Alas for them, I don't.

The boys ponder the frozen edge. I make it down there in a few minutes with Ellen (the cousin) and we admire the ice.

The house looks so inviting. Okay, I'm cold. We're all cold. Time to go inside!

Smoke curling from the chimney beckons us in.
Perhaps there will be hot cocoa, too...

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