Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Update 2

While in the Bay Area visiting family we got to house sit a house where nothing had been changed from the original 1950's decorating. The bathrooms were the most entertaining part of the whole house. On the left is the "naked lady" wall paper featured in the only bathroom with a shower, and on the right is the lovely orange plaid bathroom. We were greatly amused by the bathroom decor!

After being in the Bay Area we saw our friends the Walkers again in Sacramento (we'd stopped over on the way down too). There we celebrated Mums birthday and all of us Walker and Cone "kids" and some Walker grandchildren had a grand day of hanging out together.

Daniel, Leah, Sam, Polly, Ellen, Andrew, Sara, Jacob, Molly, Sally, Tyler, Polly and Scott.

On our 10 hour drive home, Tyler captured this picture of Mt. Shasta.
Pretty good for moving at 70 miles per hour, huh?

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