Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentine's Day

Mom and I came home the Saturday before Valentines Day
to find a cleaned up garage and a note from Andrew, Daniel and Jacob.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Shed Makeover

Hello everyone out there!

Well, January proved to be a relatively quiet "farm" month. Thankfully! Not always a lot of fun to be working out in the cold and rain. We had a few sunny Saturdays where some work got done outside, but sadly I wasn't able to participate (thanks to a concussion!) so there's no exciting pictures of muddy pipes and faucets or a cleared vegetable garden. We have had one project come up unexpectedly that I got pictures of.

Our shed, not to be confused with the garden shed, or the wood shed, but the regular shed, is in the midst of a makeover. We had mice damage and had to pull out the sheet rock which has led to what seems like a ever expanding project list of things to fix. Here you can see all the "junk" we (or should I say Scott?) pulled out in order to access the sheet rock. This area has always been very difficult to keep clear of miscellaneous items, so hopefully a little fixing up and decorating will turn it into a much more welcoming area to greet customers!