Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lambing (1st take)

This afternoon I looked out of my bedroom window towards the sheep and spotted this little guy following his mom. We weren't planning on lambing this spring, but the ewes had other ideas (and we were a little sloppy!) so it was only a couple of weeks ago that I noticed some of the ewes were so rotund they must be pregnant.

Daniel and Jacob posing with the little ewe lamb...

This momma had twins. Two fine healthy boys. One's brown and the other is black.

Here's the little ewe lamb again with her momma. While most of our ewes are Katahdin, this momma is Dorper.

And here's me posing with her. (Hmm, I think we need a name... suggestions anyone?) I've brought the girls all in so we could check on the lambs and give them some selenium boosters.

And a lovely picture of my grandmother holding one of the boy lambs. The grandparents are visiting for the week and she came out to hold her first lamb. :)

And here's Mums. She's holding another girl who is simply adorable. She's still young enough that she sort of hops while running through the field and with her coloring, she looks like a bunny!

Right now the count is one single female, one female and male twins. And we probably have another 6-9 ewes to go!

Naming suggestions are welcomed.


dj said...

What's up
Who's on first
Tried and can't
First try


Cute, cute critters -- the Cones and the lambs.

Sara The Farmerette said...

Love the suggestions. Thanks :)