Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some More Saturday Ramblings

Today, I made it outside, with camera in hand, and actually got some pictures.

A couple friends came over to help Scott put up siding on the shed.
Here's David and Jacob helping Scott.

The handsome trio, Scott, David and Joseph.
Thanks to David's wife, Josie, for letting David help us out on a Saturday!

The orchard is just about to burst (or pop) into bloom. Only the cherry trees are making an effort right now, but the apple blossoms are almost ready.

The same side of the shed sided. (Say that five times fast!) Doesn't it look so much better with siding and a window?

And in the barn yard, Andrew and Jacob demonstrate their balancing prowess on a raised bed frame they made for me. Thanks, guys!

And here, Jacob is demonstrating how to use this bed frame.

And Jacob begged me to take some cool pictures of him jumping, so here you go!

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roger said...

Nice pictures - thanks for sharing!