About Us

Our family consists of the parental unit and six, yup, six offspring. I would use the term children, but most of us are over the age of 18.  We all still live at home,yeah, that makes us even weirder, and get this, we actually enjoy it. (Well, most of the time). And now, Scott will be getting married this March! So we only have a few months left of perpetual family bliss. Haha!

We moved here 10 years ago. At that time the farm consisted of 45+ apple trees, open pasture for cows and tons of lavender and rhododendron bushes (because the deer don't eat them). We've taken out a few bad apple trees to make room for a play structure and dance floor (priorities!), subdivided our pasture and taken out way too many overgrown rhodie bushes. We've added a garden shed, vegetable garden and more flower beds!

When we moved we also had four boys with boundless energy and with no idea how much work 18 acres is. Now we know just how much work it takes and are so thankful for all of our man power! A couple of years later we added one more and one of them got married. At home, we still have Tyler (21), Andrew (18), Daniel (15) and Jacob (11), and Sara the older sister. Scott got married to Juli and we are blessed to have them living nearby!

Scott and Sara are happily graduated from college. Scott has moved on from contracting and works as a manufacturing engineer nearby.  Sara (that's me!) runs the home and oversees the farm while homeschooling the boys, restoring her 1947 horse trailer. Currently, she's doing most the animal chores as she's added several cows and pigs to the menagerie this year.

Tyler is currently attending PSU full time and pursuing an Engineering degree and Andrew is attending Clackamas Community College while also working as a gymnastics coach.

Daniel also helps out with coaching at the gym and is still homeschooling along with Jacob. He and Jacob (along with Sara) do a lot of the work around here! Tyler and Andrew pitch in on weekends when they don't have tons of homework.

The parentals provide the discipline to keep things going. Dad is a litigation consultant and is our faithful warrior in the constant battle against blackberry bushes. He also gives awesome hayrides, and he looks pretty good on the tractor. Mom is the constant sounding board, runs the home and takes care of the orchard.

As a family, we enjoy being active in our church, swimming, hiking, traveling and volunteering in costumed interpretation at Champoeg State Park.